Departure of the 6th Exhibition

Our exhibition title comes from the amateur watercolour featured on the cover. The unassuming picture’s full title is The departure of the 6th Regt. for the Frontier. It shows the last minute declarations of love between the officers and their wives or girlfriends and the painter is making light of their departure to possible danger.

This catalogue, like our others, does show the amount and variety of furniture and personal effects that such officers took and was only limited by the size of their wallet.

Items that are particularly worthy of note are the miniature Salesman’s Sample Campaign Table and Davenport from Frogmore.  

A number of makers are represented and we are lucky to be able to show 2 walnut chests by Hill & Millard, one with a secretaire and one
without. The chest with the secret drawers is also worth pointing out.

The histories of Carters, R.W. Forsyth Ltd and Parkin & Gotto are also noted but a number of other makers are also represented. If their history is not given then that is because it has been in previous catalogues and can be viewed
on our website under Makers.

We hope you enjoy this collection.
Simon & Sean Clarke      

Additional images of the items can found on this website.

A PDF of the catalogue can be seen here DEPARTURE OF THE 6th

Please note that the 
PDF catalogue does not have prices. To see an individual price simply search for it using its title. Alternatively, click on Departure of the 6th and every item in the exhibition will be displayed.