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Secretaire Campaign Cabinet

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Subcategory: Other Furniture

A colonial teak Secretaire Cabinet standing on bracket feet.

The raised and fielded panel fall of this cabinet has a blue baized writing surface to the interior. Behind it are various pigeon holes, open compartments and drawers with skeletal campaign handles. The short drawers cannot be opened without first removing the larger drawers and then from the side of the drawer dividers removing the short brass pins that lock them.

The cabinet is brass bound and has iron carrying handles to the sides. The fall has a sprung lock catch that is a replacement and the top of the cabinet has an engraved name plate for Dolly Dalzell.

It is probable that this cabinet was meant to be used on top of a campaign chest, with the fall resting at a good writing angle when open. The bracket feet are an unusual feature and cabinet makes a useful, portable office. Late 19th Century.

  • Dimensions:
    H 56.5cm x W 65cm x D 28cm
    H 22¼" x W 25½" x D 11"

  • Period: Late 19th Century
  • Medium: Teak
  • Country: Anglo Indian
  • Style: Military Cabinet
  • Exhibition: Departure of the 6th
  • Condition: Patch around replaced lock. No key. Pins replaced. Some work to bracket feet.
  • Edition Number: Width with iron handles is given.
  • Reference Number: 82268