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Pair of Karelian Birch Brighton Buns

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Subcategory: Lighting

A pair of Travelling Candlesticks turned from Karelian birch highlighted with a painted black edge to both the dishes and the sconces. The design of these Brighton Buns candlesticks allows the dishes to form the case to hold the unscrewed sconces. One dish has a threaded section which the other will receive to screw the 2 parts together. Likewise, one sconce is threaded and the other not. The name Karelian birch refers to the type of grain that is sometimes found in Silver or Downy birch. The figuring to the grain making it a very decorative wood. The name is taken from Karelia, an area on the borders of Finland and Russia that perhaps popularized its use. Certainly the Russians favoured the use of the timber in their furniture. An interesting pair of candlesticks that are probably either Russian or Scandinavian made. Late 19th Century.
Size for Use is Given

  • Dimensions:
    H 6.5cm x W 10cm x D 10cm
    H 2½" x W 3¾" x D 3¾"

  • Period: Late 19th Century.
  • Medium: Karelian Birch
  • Country: Scandinavia
  • Style: Campaign
  • Exhibition: The Sundowners
  • Reference Number: 81824