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Gibraltar Garrison Signals


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A watercolour and ink card of the Gibraltar Garrison Signals, signed H.H. to the bottom right corner.

This card, like the next item, is signed by A.N.A. Collis 6th Reg. in ink and described as the Gibraltar Garrison Signals in pencil. There were two brothers called Collis in the 6th and this card is marked for the younger Adolphus Randolph Augustus Collis. He enlisted in the 6th Warwickshire Regiment of Foot, as an Ensign, on the 27th April, 1860. He joined his elder brother Gustavus Wheatley Berry Collis in the regiment. Adolphus purchased his Lieutenancy on the 1st December 1865 and became a Captain on the 12th of May 1875. He retired as a reserve officer with the Honorary rank of Major in March 1881.

According to the Army Lists, the 2nd Battalion of the Warwickshire 6th Regiment embarked for Gibraltar on the 18th of May 1858. After Gibraltar they were stationed in Corfu from 1862 until 1865. This gives us a 4 year time period from 1858 to 1862, which is further narrowed down by 2 years as Collis didn't enlist until 1860. The initials H.H. to the front of the car may refer to Henry Adolphus Hebeler, a fellow officer of the Collis brothers in the 6th.

You will see elsewhere on this website a larger watercolour of the Gibraltar Garrison Signals, from 1848, that were used at HMS Princess Royal Battery. This card, being much smaller in size was more likely to have been carried by the officer keeping a watch to identify ships off the coast off Gibraltar. Circa 1860 to 1862.

See also the previous item Corfu Garrison Signals also by Collis.

  • Dimensions:
    H 18.5cm x W 12.5cm
    H 7.1" x W 4¾"

  • Year: 1860 to 1862
  • Medium: Watercolour & ink on card
  • Country: England
  • Signed: A. R. A. Collis & H.H.
  • Style: Naval Signals
  • Reference Number: 82171