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Campaign Uniform Rail


Category: Campaign Furniture

Subcategory: Other Furniture

Of simple construction but great use, this mahogany Rail could be used for hanging all sorts of items from uniform and swords to towels or horse blankets. The two end posts are nicely turned with vase finials to the top. The plain rails fit by simple tenon and mortise joints which are fixed by a chained brass pin. These are marked with Roman numerals from 1 to 3 to correspond to the posts.

This rail is much taller than most standard domestic rails. Early 19th century.

  • Dimensions:
    H 151.5cm x W 108.5cm x D 36.5cm
    H 59½" x W 42.65" x D 14¼"

  • Period: Early 19th century
  • Medium: Mahogany
  • Country: England
  • Exhibition: Brass Bound & Portable
  • Reference Number: 81975