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Box of Chess & Draught Counters

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A light green card box of 32 bakelite Combination Chess & Draughts counters.

The label to the top of the box notes the set is by St. George Series and Made In England. The reversible counters are coloured as faux wood and ebony with the chess pieces highlighted with red to the black and white to the brown pieces. Given the chess pieces are counters this makes for a very compact, portable set which was likely to have been marketed as good for both domestic and travel use. The set is in good condition and even retains the tissue paper used to separate the boxed layers. Circa 1935.

Box size is given.

  • Dimensions:
    H 4.5cm x W 15cm x D 8cm
    H 1¾" x W 5¾" x D 3"

  • Year: Circa 1935
  • Medium: Bakerlite
  • Country: England
  • Signed: St. George Series
  • Exhibition: Clear The Decks
  • Reference Number: 81986